Phonak Coloured Ear Hooks

£8.25 (£6.88 ex VAT)

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Phonak Coloured Ear Hooks – £8.25

Want to jazz up your Phonak BTE hearing aids? Tired of transparent ear hooks?

Phonak have made available a range of coloured ear hooks to add a bit of sparkle to your hearing aids.

Sold as a pack of 2 ear hooks – available in a wide range of colours – Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green and Transparent.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

Core range all take HE7 (apart from Micro and Nathos Micro variants that take HE9).

Spice / Quest / Venture / BeLong and Nathos Auto range take HE10.


Spice and Quest SP and UP variants that take HE7.

Venture, Belong and Nathos Auto SP and UP variants that take HE11 (apart from Nathos Auto SP that takes HE10).

Marvel, Paradise and Nathos Nova ranges are all HE11.

HE10 has a male connection to the hearing aid whereas HE7 and HE11 have a female connection.

The images below are an additional check for the ear hooks you should order.


HE7, HE10 and HE11 are all available with coloured ear hooks in Adult and Paediatric Mini Hooks.

You will need to select the type of ear hook (HE7, HE10 or HE11), the colour choice, and the size of ear hook (Adult Ear Hook or Paediatric Mini Hook) from the drop down boxes. All ear hooks are the ‘680’ version with a filter.

N.B. If unsure please email us with the EXACT model of Phonak hearing aid you are wearing, this information should be printed on the inside spine of the hearing aids, the part that touches the back of your ear when worn.

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