Phonak and Unitron Receiver Wires

£27.50 (£22.92 ex VAT)

Phonak and Unitron Receiver Wire – £27.50

This listing is for a receiver wire and NOT for a hearing aid.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

Phonak Receiver Wires SDS 3 are compatible with older Phonak and Unitron hearing aids and are available as Standard (xS) Receiver or Power (xP).

Phonak Receiver Wires SDS 4 are compatible with newer Phonak and Unitron hearing aids and are available as Standard (S), Medium (M) or Power (P).

The SDS3 and SDS4 are incompatible with each other, and the easiest way to differentiate is to inspect the tip of the receiver wire with the dome removed. See the image, if your receiver wire tip looks like the top image (with the ridged effect) you should order SDS3 wires, if it looks like the bottom image then order SDS4 wires.

Also, on the housing of the receiver wire you will see a coloured label, blue is left, red is right. The number is the size of the wire.

On a SDS3 wire xS is for a standard wire, xP is for a power wire. On an SDS 4 wire, S is for a standard wire, M is for a medium wire and P is for a power wire.

The image for instance shows a size 3 standard right SDS3 wire above and a size 3 medium left SDS4 wire below.

If you are unsure how to change the receiver wires click here for a useful video. If you are still unsure please contact us for further instruction. If you have your serial numbers to hand please supply at the same time.

If you order the wrong size / type of receiver wire but can return unopened and in a re-saleable condition we are happy to replace with the correct item, however we cannot accept opened packets that we cannot re-sell.

Domes are here, pin removal tool if you need one is here. Looking for Retention Locks?

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