Retention Lock / Concha Lock / Sport Lock / Ear Grip for Receiver Wires

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Retention Lock / Concha Lock / Ear Grip / Sport Lock for Receiver Wire – Various

The item you need to order will depend on the brand and type of receiver wire you are using, please choose carefully as these items are not interchangeable. Please click a brand of hearing aid as below for more detailed information on how to choose correctly.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

Phonak and Unitron Retention Lock 10 pack

To work out whether to order SDS3 or SDS4 retention lock see the image of SDS3 and SDS4 receiver wire tips with the dome removed. The top image is SDS3, the bottom image is SD4.

On the housing of the receiver (where the dome attaches) the number you will see denotes the size of the wire, the letter(s) denote the type of retention lock you need to order.

SDS3 are either xS or xP.

SDS4 are either S, M or P.

Oticon and Bernafon miniFit Ear Grip 5 pack

Oticon and Bernafon miniFit ear grips are suitable for Oticon and Bernafon RITE hearing aids using miniFit (including miniFit Detect) wires only, roughly supplied from around 2013 onwards, if you require ear grips for anything that is not miniFit please contact us and supply details.

Ear grips are available to fit a 60dB receiver wire and an 85dB receiver wire, if you remove the dome from the miniFit wire you will see a single digit number that is the size of the wire, and also either 60, 85 or 100 denoting the power level of the receiver wire.

We are currently supplying 2 variations of Oticon / Bernafon miniFit ear grip, that is Ear Grip 60dB (136351) and Ear Grip 85dB (135986)

N.B. Ear grips for Oticon Corda miniFit tubes are also available as a 10 pack but are NOT interchangeable with ear grips for Oticon miniFit receiver wires. (135956)

Widex Easywear Retention Lock 10 pack

Widex Easywear Retention Locks are available in 2 versions, v1 is compatible with Easywear Receiver Wire v1 which has a grey housing, and v2 which is compatible with Easywear Receiver Wire v2 which has a silver housing.

Signia Concha Lock 5 pack

To work out whether to order a 2.0 or 3.0 concha lock for a receiver wire check out the image of 2.0 and 3.0 wires.

To work out the type and power level of Mini Receiver wire and its corresponding concha lock first remove the dome and inspect the tip – on the housing of the speaker wire you will see a number which is the size of the wire and either a letter S, M or P which denotes the power of the wire. (Standard, Medium or Power). Visually you should be able to work out if you are using 2.0 or 3.0.

If you are looking to buy a concha lock for a Thin Tube 3.0 they are available in a standard size.

Starkey Sport Lock 10 pack

Starkey Sport Lock is available in 2 versions, one is is compatible with 40dB Starkey Snapfit wires and the other with 50dB and 60dB Starkey Snapfit and Snapfit 2.0 receiver wires. The power level of the wire is denoted by the number on the tip of the wire when you remove the dome. A 40dB wire will have the number 40 printed on there, and likewise a 50 or a 60dB wire will have that number printed. Snapfit wires are common to all recent Starkey RIC hearing aids including 3 Series, Z Series, Xino 312, Muse, Halo, Livio, Evolv (Snapfit) and Genesis (Snapfit 2.0).

Anything previous to the above that uses Starkey Standard receiver wires please ask us for details.

GN ReSound Sport Lock 10 pack

GN ReSound Sport Locks are available in 2 versions and at 3 power levels –  Surefit 2 at LP, MP and HP, and Surefit 3 at LP, MP and HP.

Surefit 2 receiver wires have a metal housing and Surefit 3 wires have a plastic housing and either blue or red colour markings. On the housing of the speaker wire you will see a number which is the size of the wire and letters denoting the power level (LP, MP or HP – Low, Medium and High).

If unsure, don’t guess, please ask!

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