Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops

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Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops 10ml – £5.95

Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops gently soften ear wax prior to ear wax removal. Particularly useful with hard, dry impacted wax and wax with a clay like consistency.

Can be considered an alternative when olive oil is not resolving the issue. We recommend Earol in the first instance.

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Usage Directions:

  • Lie down, or tilt your head a little, such that the affected ear is should face upwards
  • Gently pull your earlobe to straighten the canal of affected ear
  • Release 3 to 4 drops into your ear to fill up the ear canal. Do not touch the inside of your ear with the dropper
  • Keep your ear in same position for approx. 5 to 10 minutes to keep the solution in your ear
  • Repeat the process in other ear, if required

Side Effects and Precautions:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate can cause dryness in your ear canal, but this is rarely troublesome
  • It is unlikely that you will experience any other major side effects, but do speak with your doctor or pharmacist if there is anything that concerns you
  • Allergic reactions may demand medical assistance
  • Not to be used if you have a perforated ear drum, if unsure please ask.


  • Contains active ingredient as Sodium Bicarbonate BP 5% w/v
  • Also contains Glycerol (E422), Purified Water and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol (Preservative)
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