Signia Quickguard Wax Guards (Replaces HF4)

£4.50£14.40 (£3.75 ex VAT)

Signia Quickguard wax guards – £4.50 for a pack of 8 wax guards. Discounts available when purchasing multiple packs as below.

2 Packs = 10% Discount

3 Packs = 15% Discount

4 Packs = 20% Discount

Signia QuickGuard is a direct replacement for HF4 wax guards and used with Signia Insio hearing aids. If you have previously been using HF4 wax guards then you can safely use Quickguards as a direct replacement / alternative.

Signia Quickguard wax guards enable your hearing aids with long-lasting moisture and ear wax resistance, they actively prevent fluids from entering the receiver and hence shield the sound path. This greater protection compared to HF4 is achieved by a nanocoating applied to the QuickGuard. The nano-coating results in an enhanced performance, longer hearing instrument life and increased satisfaction. Quickguard can be used in either ear, there is no colour coding for right and left hearing aids.

N.B. The packaging for this product looks the same as similar wax guard products available for other manufacturers. Please note that Nanocare Cerustop, Starkey Hearclear and Siemens Signia miniReceiver wax Guards are NOT interchangeable.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

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