Signia NanoCare 3.0 Wax Guards

£4.50£14.40 (£3.75 ex VAT)

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Signia NanoCare 3.0 wax guards – £4.50 for a pack of 8 wax guards. Discounts available when purchasing multiple packs as below.

2 Packs = 10% Discount

3 Packs = 15% Discount

4 Packs = 20% Discount

Replaces wax guards on Signia miniReceiver 3.0 wires and NHS issue Signia Stretta Aya thin tubes, stops the wire / tube from blocking up with wax.

This product is compatible with the latest Signia AX and IX hearing aids that use miniReceiver 3.0 wires, it is NOT compatible with older Signia hearing aids using miniReceiver 2.0 wires.

For hearing aids that use miniReceiver 2.0 wires the compatible wax guard is Mini Receiver 2.0 Wax Guards.

To be able to tell the difference between different versions of miniReceiver wires click this.

N.B. The packaging for this product looks the same as similar wax guard products available for other manufacturers. Please note that Nanocare Cerustop, Starkey Hearclear, Signia miniReceiver 2.0 and Signia NanoCare 3.0 wax guards are NOT interchangeable.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

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