Ear Wax Removal General Questions and Answers

Why is there wax in my ears?

Ear wax forms naturally via secretions from glands near the entrance of the ear canal. Ear wax when produced is drawn outwards like a very slow conveyor belt via the skins natural migration process (epithelial migration).

Typically it dries as it reaches the entrance of the ear canal and then drops or flakes out of the ear, often without you noticing. Wearing hearing aids or noise plugs, narrow or hairy ear canals, your diet and environmental factors can all exacerbate problematic build up of wax in the ear canal.

Having an ongoing issue with excessive wax in the ear canal is just the luck of the draw – some people never have any issues all their lives and for others it is an ongoing problem.

Do I need to use oil in my ears before attending your ear wax removal clinic?

Not always, but we would suggest for comfort and to reduce the chance of having to return for a second visit 2-3 days morning and evening is a good idea. If you have been applying for longer that is fine.

Should I do anything to maintain my ear health?

Nothing is really recommended for ears generally, they tend to look after themselves. For dry, itchy ears you can use products like Eargene or Miracell (ask your local pharmacy).

Is it not good to have the ears syringed regularly?

The eardrum is a very sensitive and delicate structure and to syringe an ear successfully the water and some of the wax has to hit the eardrum. It can be traumatic particularly if done too regularly.

With a procedure like microsuction we just vacuum the wax out, it’s very safe, convenient and quick without the risk of trauma associated with syringing. Therefore microsuction can be carried out as often as is necessary.

Is a home visit wax removal service available?

Generally a home visit service is not something we offer. We do have some portable equipment to facilitate a home visit, but the safest, quickest and most comprehensive wax removal service we can offer is based at our very well equipped clinic in Silsden. We have state of the art equipment, plenty of on site parking, easy access for those less mobile, and frankly it costs less!

To arrange a home visit takes lots of extra time in set up, sterilisation procedures, travelling costs etc and in a home environment setting it’s just more difficult for us to do the job as well as we would like. If it is impossible for you to attend our clinic please get in touch to discuss….

Where are we based?

Our ear wax removal clinic performing microsuction, ear irrigation and dry removal is based in Silsden. We are 10 minutes from Keighley, Ilkley and Skipton. We are also handily close for ear wax removal to Colne, Burnley, Otley and Bradford. (Less than half an hour away).

Further afield, we are less than 3/4 of an hour travelling distance by car for ear wax removal services from Harrogate, Leeds and Halifax. Our base is in West Yorkshire and East Lancashire and parts of North Yorkshire are easily accessible. We have ample parking.

So if you REALLY need that wax blockage clearing quickly, efficiently, and safely with state of the art equipment in suitable premises then book yourself in!

For more information including how to book an appointment click this link.

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