Starkey StarLink Remote Microphone+

£260.00 (£216.67 ex VAT)

Starkey StarLink Remote Microphone+ £216.67 ex VAT – £260.00 inc VAT

N.B. This product MAY be eligible for supply at a zero rate of VAT. If applicable you can select this option at checkout stage, make a simple declaration, see this, and the VAT element at its current rate will be removed from the purchase price reducing the purchase cost substantially. N.B. Eligibility of zero rated supply is dependent on being a UK resident and the purchase must be for personal (not business) use and paid from personal funds. More details are available on the checkout page.

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Starkey StarLink Remote Microphone+ is designed to stream remote audio directly to your Starkey Livio, Evolv and Genesis hearing aids. When worn by a distant speaker in noisy environments, the Remote Microphone+ functions as an assistive listening device.

Enjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments with the small, easy-to-use Remote Microphone+. Clip it onto the clothing of the person you’re talking to or use it as a TV streamer by placing it near the speaker.

Starkey StarLink Remote Microphone+ has an omni microphone and can stream up to a distance of approximately 10 metres.

Additionally Starkey StarLink Remote Microphone+ not only improves your one-to-one conversation experience in noisy environments, but also enables binaural audio streaming from multiple media sources such as Bluetooth, Telecoil, FM like Phonak Roger and via a cabled connection as Line-In.

NB. For older wireless compatible Starkey hearing aids prior to Starkey Livio please ask.

You can pair the device to your hearing aids yourself without the help of a hearing professional, simply turn your hearing aids off, put the device into pairing mode and then switch your hearing aids back on. Place the hearing aids within 6 inches of the device. They will shortly pair to the device automatically.

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