Phonak ComPilot II / TV Link II Bundle

£400.00 (£333.33 ex VAT)

Phonak ComPilot II / TV Link II Bundle – £333.33 ex VAT / £400.00 inc VAT

N.B. This product MAY be eligible for supply at a zero rate of VAT. If applicable you can select this option at checkout stage, make a simple declaration, see this, and the VAT element at its current rate will be removed from the purchase price reducing the purchase cost substantially. N.B. Eligibility of zero rated supply is dependent on being a UK resident and the purchase must be for personal (not business) use and paid from personal funds. More details are available on the checkout page.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

Compatibility – Please select this item ONLY if you are wearing Phonak Venture and BeLong range of wireless hearing aids (from early 2015 onward but NOT Audeo B-Direct). Also NHS supplied Phonak Sky V and Nathos Auto. Will not work with non wireless Phonak hearing aids or newer ranges like Phonak Marvel, Paradise or Lumity. If you are unsure please contact us if you need clarification.

Phonak ComPilot II – The smart 3-in-1 accessory

Phonak ComPilot II is the perfect 3-in-1 companion for your wireless Phonak Venture and BeLong hearing aids, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts. ComPilot II provides easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones to name but a few. It guarantees stable connectivity, best voice quality for phoning and keeps hands free. The built-in remote control is designed for ease of use with convenient program and volume changes.

Phonak TVLink II – Ideal TV experience

The dedicated Phonak TV solution offers a great listening experience. The low latency transmission from TV to hearing instruments and StereoSound provide excellent sound quality. True plug and play and one-step set-up make it ready to go in less than 60 seconds.

The Phonak TVLink II basestation used with ComPilot II turns any wireless Phonak Venture or BeLong hearing instrument into a lightweight wireless headset. The TVLink II has a charging slot which is specially adapted for the ComPilot II. The TVLink basestation wirelessly sends audio signals from the TV or any other audio source to the ComPilot II within a range of up to 30 meters (100 ft.). StereoSound provides a great listening experience as well as a short transmission delay ensuring listening pleasure even for open fittings.

NB. The Phonak ComPilot II does not need to be paired to your Phonak hearing aids for bluetooth streaming to work, you just need to make sure your Phonak hearing aids are wireless compatible. Petite models and CIC’s will not be compatible with the ComPilot II. However if you wish some of the other features to work, including the remote control features you will need to arrange for the ComPilot II to be paired with your hearing aids. If you need the ComPilot pairing to your hearing aids you will need to arrange for this locally (you may be charged a fee for this service). If you are unsure you can contact us via our webform on the Contacts page with details before purchase and we will advise accordingly.

Phonak ComPilot II key features

Wireless streaming
Remote control
VoiceAlerts – offers spoken alerts
Perfect partner with TVLink II basestation
More than 8 hours continuous streaming time in StereoSound

Phonak TVLink II key features

Quick and easy installation
No line of sight to hearing instruments necessary
Up to 30 meters (100 ft) transmission range
Digital volume adjustment with audio-visual feedback
Special embedded charging slot for ComPilot II

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