Oticon Connectline TV Streamer 3.0

£137.50 (£114.58 ex VAT)

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Oticon Connectline TV 3.0 – £114.58 ex VAT – £137.50 inc VAT

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ConnectLine TV 3.0 lets you enjoy watching TV at your preferred volume without missing out on important calls from family or friends. With ConnectLine TV 3.0, you will be able to watch favourite films and TV programmes with new-found ease.

N.B. Connectline TV 3.0 works with all Oticon wireless compatible hearing aids from Oticon OPN and includes Siya / Xceed / More / Real and also NHS Oticon Engage. This device is not compatible with earlier hearing aids, if unsure, please ask! N.B. There is also a Bernafon and a Philips version of this device that is NOT interchangeable, if you require the Bernafon or Philips version of this device please ask!

The ConnectLine TV has various audio inputs – minijack 3.5mm, SCART, RCA plugs and TOSLINK Digital Stereo (PCM) / Dolby Digital. The device also has audio output via TOSLINK (buffered output of TOSLINK input).

You can actually use the Connectline TV 3.0 with any audio source that has audio out, such as a hifi system or perhaps a laptop with the right audio cables.

The Connectline TV ships with a UK mains charger and can also be powered via a USB to mini USB charger, also SCART to RCA converter, RCA to RCA stereo cable, minijack 3.5mm to RCA converter and TOSLINK 2 metre optical cable.

If you are purchasing a Connectline TV 3.0 you can pair this device without the help of a hearing professional.

Place the hearing aids right next to the Connectline TV 3.0, open and close the battery doors on the hearing aids to initiate pairing mode. The two devices establish a connection to each other. Wait one minute. After one minute, the TV 3.0 is connected to the hearing aids and the pairing is complete. The orange status indicator on the TV 3.0 lights up.

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