Oticon Connectline Phone Streamer

£110.00 (£91.67 ex VAT)

Oticon Connectline Phone – £91.67 ex VAT – £110.00 inc VAT

N.B. This product MAY be eligible for supply at a zero rate of VAT. If applicable you can select this option at checkout stage, make a simple declaration, see this, and the VAT element at its current rate will be removed from the purchase price reducing the purchase cost substantially. N.B. Eligibility of zero rated supply is dependent on being a UK resident and the purchase must be for personal (not business) use and paid from personal funds. More details are available on the checkout page.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

ConnectLine Phone breaks down the barriers to phone communication – so you can listen and talk to your loved ones with total clarity and ease.

With ConnectLine Phone, you will never have to worry about missing an important call or missing crucial details. N.B. There is also a Bernafon and a Philips version of this device that is NOT interchangeable, if you require the Bernafon or Philips version of this device please ask!

ConnectLine Phone transforms hearing aids into a wireless handsfree solution for home use thanks to the ConnectClip built-in microphone. (You will need a ConnectClip to work with this device, check the individual listings for each device for compatibility with your hearing aids).

When the phone rings, you take the call simply by pressing the phone button on the ConnectClip – without having to go to the phone.

The phone adapter is installed in parallel to the existing domestic landline phone(s) – in effect turning the hearing instruments into a wireless headset.

When receiving an incoming call, you will hear a call alert in the hearing instruments. By pushing the button on your Connectclip, the phone is picked up and transferred to the hearing instruments.

The Connectline Phone ships with a UK mains charger and the necessary cables to plug into your telephone wall socket. This product is designed to work on a standard home telephone line and is not compatible with business business lines and VOIP systems, if unsure please ask before purchase.

If you are purchasing a Connectline Phone to add to an existing already paired ConnectClip you can pair this device to your Streamer yourself via Bluetooth pairing without the help of a hearing professional.

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