Direct Audio Input Cord – Use with DAI Shoes

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Single Cord is £23.95 including UK shipping – Y Cord is £30.95 including UK shipping.

A Direct Audio Input cable will plug into the DAI shoe of any BTE hearing instrument. The DAI cable plugs into the 3-pin socket located on the bottom of the DAI shoe, at the other end of the cable is a standard 3.5mm audio jack that will fit most headphone sockets.

We have two versions of this product, a Single Cord (suitable for connecting to a single hearing aid) and a Y Cord (suitable for connecting to a pair of hearing aids). Cable length is 75cm and cable colour is black.

You will need to select the cord version you require from the drop down box above.

Please note – we only ship to UK postal addresses.

N.B. To use this cable you must already have a DAI shoe that is compatible with your BTE hearing instrument. If you do not already have DAI shoes you WILL need to purchase, in that case please select the you need from the drop down box above. If unsure please don’t guess, contact us in the first instance, the list is by no means exhaustive, just lists the most common types of DAI shoes.

If you already have DAI shoes please select ‘None’ from the second drop down box.

If you do not have DAI shoes they are an additional £20 per side, so a monaural cord with a DAI shoe is £43.95 and a Y cord with 2x DAI shoes is £70.95.

Here are some examples of equipment you can connect to with a DAI Cord:
MP3 players
CD players
Digital voice recorders
Electronic keyboards

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