Cl-ear Ear Relief Ear Drops

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Cl-ear Ear Relief Ear Drops – £11.95

Cl-ear Ear Relief Ear Drops effectively soothe and reduce ear pain, itching and inflammation of the outer ear canal.

These specially formulated ear relief drops contain Glycerol, which has a soothing effect and an anti-inflammatory action which reduces swelling in the ear canal (by removing water) thus alleviating associated ear pain, and Lidocaine, a surface anaesthetic to further reduce ear pain.

Ideal for adults, the elderly and children from 5 years of age (note children should receive a medical diagnosis before use).

Key Features

Soothes and reduces ear pain
Ear relief from itching & inflammation
Contains anaesthetic to reduce ear pain
Ingredients – 0.5% solution of lidocaine hydrochloride in glycerol (anhydrous).

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